About Donna Hanson

A former Personal Assistant to the Managing Director of a National Company, Donna knows what’s needed in the real world to get more done in less time.

Donna believes the answers doesn’t lie in technology, “You don’t need more staff or gadgets to get more done; you simply need a better strategy”.

Every year organisations spend millions of dollars on computer training in an attempt to make them more productive but with no real measurable return on investment.

Donna challenges organisations to apply a more strategic approach.

Using her Technology Optimisation Process Methodology™ Donna engages with progressive organisations to develop long term solutions to the productivity “bottlenecks” in business, unlock capacity and reduce corporate risk.

Donna believes the first step is a “quality conversation with an open mind.”

To arrange a Quality Conversation on with Donna to explore whether there is a fit, email enquiries@donnahanson.com.au

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