Productivity Expert Donna Hanson works with organisations and their teams to increase productivity, performance and profits with technology. Donna works in house or offsite in a conference or retreat environment to develop the framework they need to increase efficiency, productivity and performance whilst reducing stress, frustration and overwhelm with technology resulting in:

  • Happy high performing teams,
  • Reduced staff turnover,
  • Increased productivity,
  • Increased collaboration,
  • Reduced risk.
  • Reduced negativity

Every one of Donna’s programs is customised to your team’s needs.

Our most popular programs include:

Email SOS – Do your team members seem to be on a different page?  Are they struggling to meet deadlines or frustrated and stressed? Donna can help your team overcome the overwhelm of email with her customised Email SOS program.

“People are more productive when they know what the “rules” of email use are in your organisation…..when they don’t know what they are, they make their own up”  Donna 


What Every Team Needs to Know About Microsoft Excel

In business today there is so much data that is analysed. One tiny mistake can cost an organisation hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In today’s competitive world, you can’t afford to maintain the status quo.

As LA Lakers (NBA Basketball) Coach Pat Riley once said,

“If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse”.

Customised to your team’s needs, Donna’s engaging, interactive and fun presentations will get your focused on producing the data they need to make decisions, produce reports or identify risks faster than ever before.


What Every Team Needs to Know About Microsoft Word

With so many options available, customers make decisions in an instant about whether or not to deal with you.  If your documentation is unprofessional, too “templated” or worse has the wrong name, it can cost you opportunities.  Rather than waste time learning “stuff” about Word that delivers no real return on investment, Productivity Expert and Motivational Speaker Donna Hanson cuts through the “stuff” to enable your team to focus on the things they need to ensure your documentation is credible, reliable and demonstrates how much you care about business.


From Boring to Soaring – Presenting with Powerpoint

Do your team regularly present to clients, prospects and colleagues?

Boring presentations impact on sales, we’ve all seen at least one!

The more engaging your presentation, and your performance, the better the result.

Motivational speaker and Productivity Expert Donna Hanson works with your team to fast track presentation MUST Knows from both a Microsoft Powerpoint and a performance perspective.  As a media commentator who regularly appears on Television, Radio and in magazines and newspapers, she knows her stuff and can fast track the path for your team.

Donna’s can deliver your customised session in a time frame and format to suit your needs.

Delivery formats include:

  • Sales Meetings
  • Conference keynote presentations
  • Break out or concurrent workshops
  • In house professional development days
  • Hands on workshops
  • Webcasts
  • Off-site retreats




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