How Your Resilience Impacts on Your Own & Your Organisation’s Productivity – Kim Becking

In this Expert Insight’s show, we speak to Author, Leadership Coach and Motivational Speaker Kim Becking about resilience and it’s impact on personal and organisational productivity.  Kim certainly knows about resilience and it’s impact on life. She has been helping organizations, leaders, teams and individuals boost their resilience, reduce stress and overwhelm, conquer change and ... Read More

Episode 31 : Inspiring Ownership to Increase Productivity – Meridith Elliott Powell

With a background including corporate leadership positions in banking, finance and healthcare, Meridith works with leaders and organisations create ownership at every level to increase profits. Meridith believes success in today’s economy requires EVERY employee to be fully engaged, take ownership and drive results. With seven out of 10 workers being disengaged, companies are investing ... Read More

Episode 30 : How good (and bad) internal and external customer service can impact on your productivity – Marilyn Suttle

Marilyn is a human potential expert and the author of the book Who’s Your Gladys which focusses on how to develop Customer retention to increase profits and create happy, connected customers (internal and external) that come back.  She is also a listed as a recommended Human Potential Trainer by Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul. ... Read More

How Presentation Skills Impact on Your Own & Your Organisation’s Productivity – Lisa Braithwaite

Before starting her business as a public speaking and presentations coach, Lisa developed programs and training g materials in the non profit sector. Lisa has been interviewed in a wealth of publications in the US including the Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Wall Street Journal and on Inc.com We speak with Lisa about how presentation skills ... Read More

Episode 29 : 5 Ways HR & L&D Professionals can engage employees in the process of change. – Marcia Xenitelis

Marcia is an acclaimed international professional speaker, author, consultant and coach. Her experience in understanding the difference between communication strategies that simply inform employees about what is happening and those strategies that engage employees in the process of change distinguishes her from her contemporaries. Marcia’s approach when working with organizations that want to realise the ... Read More

Episode 28 : Busy Brain Syndrome – How it is effecting you and your organisation’s productivity – Lucia Kelleher

Dr Lucia Kelleher has decades of experience as a business Improvement consultant, organisational psychologist, and behavioural neuroscientist.  She specializes in behavioral change, how to adopt and prevent change relapse. Following her PhD, Lucia discovered Busy Brain Syndrome which she describes as the result of brain changes due to technology which has created to much information ... Read More

Why Email is Killing Productivity & What You Can Do About it – Donna Hanson

In this reverse Expert Insight’s interview, Warwick Merry interviews Donna Hanson, Productivity Speaker, Trainer and Educator. Donna is normally your host for the Expert insights Show, but this month we are flipping the table and talking to Donna about Email, why it is killing our productivity and what you can do about it.

Episode 27 : 5 Ways to Ensure Happy Healthy Staff – Lisa Renn

Lisa Renn is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionalist with over 13 years experience in community health and private practice.  She is a media spokesperson for the Dietitian’s Association of Australia and is committed to providing her clients with accurate and practical nutrition and lifestyle information to help them live their potential.  She has ... Read More

Food Intolerances can Impact on your own and your organisation’s productivity – Tracy Shuckrath

A former event planner with her own food allergies, Tracy consults and educates clients and audiences to understand the real impact on personal and organisational productivity of food intolerances and allergies in the workplace. Whilst it may seem like more work, not considering them can impact on your own and your organisation’s productivity.

Episode 26 : How to Increase Your Productivity by Getting People to say Yes! – Lindsay Adams

Lindsay Adams is a speaker, workshop facilitator, and coach. For over twenty years Lindsay has worked both in Government Owned Enterprises and in his own businesses. Lindsay’s focus is on  business relationship building strategies to underpin sales, enhance teams and create outstanding leaders.
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