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Round Two – Advanced Excel & Word

I just wanna start off by saying thanks a million for setting the time of day to deal specifically with my excel and word struggles.

I attended the 2 half day courses for excel and word Advance, and I have to admit that I was rather surprised at how much of my life I spent in anguish making spreadsheets and word documents that complicated my work when there were more advanced and simpler instructions i could give to the software that completed the same task with ease.

You will truly never know what you don’t know. Through this course I have learnt to make complicated tasks simpler, especially the repetitive ones that consume too much time to complete.

I would recommend running through all the courses at a pace that suits you. In my experience with these courses, start with the basics, let it settle, then go for intermediate. Once you’re done with intermediate, go for advanced. When I say let it settle, I mean practice it for a few weeks. Not settle and come back tomorrow and do the intermediate or advanced course, it will be a struggle.

Donna has really dry jokes that for some reason leave you belching out in laughter (I dunno, i couldn’t help myself, it was hilarious). It really makes learning boring software much more entertaining.

Thanks for everything Donna,


🙂 🙂 🙂

TuBale Vakalalabure

Microsoft Word & Excel 2016 for School Administrators Online Course

So many handy tips and hints to make life easier. A few that really stood out for me were inserting pictures into word, creating templates and forms. So many d’oh! moments when you realise how simple some things are but you have had no idea because there has never been any training.

Thanks Donna – I will be putting these into practice when I get back to school after the holidays.

Raelene Clark

Extremely Worthwhile and Helpful for Microsoft Skills Training

Donna spoke to our large medical team about utilising great tricks and tips available in the Microsoft Office Suite. She is entertaining, easy to understand and knows how to get to the crux of what stops team members from being efficient in their communications. Excellent value.
Connie M.
Plastic Surgeons Group in Melbourne

Connie May

Advanced Excel

Classes were great. The one on one session was fantastic but having Donna as a “go to” person to tweak my processes is invaluable. Thank you Donna for all your help.

irene koumanelis

Office Manager/Executive Assistant, PA to Managing Director

Glad to have you for one of the session in the conference. Your presentation was very informative and would assist us in our day to day work. Appreciate it.

Susan Chong

Reckon Conference

Thought it was very good all round.

Pauline Kapral

Reckon Conference Presentation

Presentation was, concise, easy understand and to the point. Her knowledge of features when using Microsoft Excel and word is amazing. I have had the luxury of attending some of Donna’s presentations and never have I come away without learning something new that will assist to achieve results and save time.

Beatrice Rowsell

Microsoft Word

Donna was very knowledgeable when providing training with Microsoft Word . I walked away from the training feeling very confident. I can now bring all my skills back to the department and feel at ease when asked to format documents.
Thanks Donna!!!

Heidi W

Productivity Pointers and advice

I love Donna’s productivity pointers. I am a busy professional woman with the normal work / family juggling. I can’t afford the time to attend a dedicated course on excel & word so it is incredibly beneficial to receive the pointers. I can view them when I have the time (usually late at night) and a tip here and there is a great way to build knowledge, or reassure you of your current knowledge. Donna is also great at providing solutions to other problems when asked. THANKS DONNA !

Kim P

Review of the Word & Excel Training

The training was very informative. It helped reinforce what I knew and broaden my knowledge on the things that I didn’t know. Thanks a million Donna for your help. Working SMARTER not HARDER

TuBale Vakalalabure

Microsoft Excel Intermediate training Session

Thoroughly enjoyed Donna’s training session – Donna is very helpful. Looking forward to her next visit!

Maria Ngatikao

Excel Training

Donna’s excel training session was interesting and I learnt something new from the session. She was also willing to run one to one sessions as tailor the session on areas where I needed help. She is enthusiastic and willing to help and offer support. I have attended many training sessions and found her method the most helpful so far.

Aradhana Deoki

Excel Training

One on One Training was brilliant.
So good to be able to have real examples of your own work to run through. Better than just trying to work out how something may work for you, you could actually go through the steps of what needs to be done and apply it straight it your work.

Group training was good in that she kept checking to see if it was relevant to the group. Felt engaged throughout.

Gillian Waters

Donna’s excel training was by

Donna’s excel training was by far, the best I’ve ever experienced. Her knowledge of excel combined with her exceptional communication skills made the presentation thoroughly informative and enjoyable. Donna’s manner was professional and engaging, she took the time to answer queries and her presentation moved at an appropriate pace.

During her presentation, I learned several new short cuts and formulas which I have used recently. When she returned for our one on one session, Donna clarified some queries I had regarding V-look up and IF formulas, and told me to contact her if I had any further queries.

Thank you for a wonderful training session!

Rachel Mitchell
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