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Donna Hanson, Certified Speaking Professional

Productivity Expert, Motivational Speaker Donna Hanson regularly presents at conferences, association events, retreats and in-house professional development days for organisations who want to unlock increased productivity, performance and profits with technology.

Donna has presented to Microsoft’s own staff in Singapore, Japan, New Zealand and Sydney.

She has also presented at conferences and association events in Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Cook Islands and the United States of America.

“You don’t need more staff or gadgets to get more done, you simply need a better strategy” – Donna

As a motivational business speaker, her must-see presentations challenge how organisations view their people and their technology. Her “productivity hacks” and unique methodology motivates her audiences to want to challenge the status quo for increased productivity, performance and profit.

Donna is the Founder and CEO of Prime Solutions Training & Consulting, a boutique training solution provider own company established in 1996 in Melbourne, Australia.

Working with companies such as Village Roadshow, Specsavers, Country Road and CPA Australia, as well as many state and local government departments, Donna and her team have built an enviable reputation for transforming technology-related issues into solutions that deliver bottom line productivity growth.


Donna’s most popular presentations include:


Do your team members seem to be on a different page?

Are they struggling to meet deadlines or frustrated and stressed?

Then maybe you need to send out an Email SOS.

Donna’s Email SOS keynote explores the real cost of email overload to our business and health and shares her 3 Step Strategy to send out an Email SOS and get back in control of email.

What Every Team Needs to Know About Microsoft Excel

In business today there is so much data that is analysed. One tiny mistake can cost an organisation hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In today’s competitive world, you can’t afford to maintain the status quo.

As LA Lakers (NBA Basketball) Coach Pat Riley once said, “If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse”.

Customised to your conference needs, Donna’s Excel session is guaranteed to inform, engage and inspire your audience to producing the data they need to make decisions, produce reports or identify risks faster than ever before.

From Boring to Soaring – Presenting with Powerpoint

In today’s business world, presentation skills are not longer nice to have, they are essential.

If your audience presents regularly to clients, prospects or colleagues, they only get one chance to make a great first impression.

Boring presentations impact on sales.

Presentations that enlighten, educate and empower your customers, prospects or colleagues to take action are powerful.  In this presentation, Productivity Expert and Media Commentator Donna Hanson shares the 7 Keys to increasing your presentation potential.

“You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know, Let’s Change That” – Donna


The Top 7 Mistakes Organisations Make with Word…and How to Fix Them.

With so many options available, customers make decisions in an instant about whether or not to deal with you.

If your documentation is unprofessional, too “templated” or worse has the wrong name, it can cost you opportunities.

Rather than waste time playing around with documents, Productivity Expert and Motivational Speaker Donna Hanson cuts through the “stuff” to share the top 7 Mistakes Organisations Make with Word and how to avoid them.

Enable your team to focus on the things they need to ensure your documentation is credible, reliable and demonstrates how much you care about business.


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