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Donna Hanson

Donna works with organisations who want to unlock increased productivity and capacity with technology they already own to deliver REAL results.

Most organisations follow the pack with technology yet expect to get ahead.

Donna says “You don’t need more staff or gadgets to get more done; you simply need a better strategy”

Her must-see presentations challenge how organisations view their people and their technology.  Her unique methodology streamlines business practices to boost productivity and profit and minimise business risk.

Since founding her own company in 1996, Donna and her team at Prime Solutions Training & Consulting have grown to be one of the country’s premier boutique technology solution providers.

Working with companies such as Village Roadshow, Specsavers, Country Road and CPA Australia, as well as many state and local government departments, Donna and her team have built an enviable reputation for transforming technology-related issues into solutions that deliver bottom line growth.


Donna’s presentation topics include:

What Every Organisation Needs to Know to Reduce Costs and Unlock Organisational Productivity

Human capital is considered both an asset and a liability. It’s also one of the first costs cut when things are tight. This session introduces a unique method to reduce human capital costs and unlock increased organisational productivity. .

Collaboration not Competition – The New Key to Reducing Costs and Increasing Competitive Advantage 

Whilst technology has made communicating globally easier, businesses are finding it harder to act as they are busy REACTING. It’s time to take a step back what was supposed to make life easier and explore a strategy that truly leverages the tools and resources we have available to reduce costs and increase competitive advantage.

From Surviving to Thriving, the Key to Unlocking Business Profit and Performance

For far too long we’ve bought into the belief that technology holds the key to increased profits and productivity.  This presentation challenges that paradigm and explores the real key to unlocking profit and performance to shift your organisation from surviving to thriving. 


Stop the Loss

24/7 access to technology comes at a cost. This session analyses the true cost of stressed and unproductive staff, why every organisation needs to rethink how they use technology and the simple solutions to stop the loss and increase productivity and performance.


RECLAIM Your Inbox

According to global consults McKinsey, the average worker spends 28% of their day working on email. This presentation explores the real cost of email to organisations and simple strategies to reclaim inboxes across organisations resulting in more time to focus on higher priority issues.


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